Barrel Roll thighs
Night Creeper body

Dart Knife
Storm Shadow Machine gun
Wide Scope Machine gun
Bombstrike Sniper Rifle

Burnout Belt
Beach Head Backpack

Agent Dark
Real Name: Classified
PMF: Night Operations
SMF: Sniper

It's unknown just who Agent Dark was, the circumstances for his participation in the V-project, or even what DNA he was spliced with. What is known is that he had proven himself time and again to be one of the deadliest fruits of Mindbenders sinister project. Able to move in total silence, he's proven himself at home in every environment; whether it's the Amazon rainforest, Siberian Tundra, or Midtown Manhattan. His spotless record in the field and unflappable loyalty to Cobra has earned him his place in the pack, acting both as their second in command and White's right-hand man. Qualified expert sharpshooter, silent weapons, and explosive ordinance, has received both Range and Night viper training.

"Agent Dark is a terrifying example of what V-troops COULD have become. Enhanced speed, agility, and senses, coupled with animal instinct and years of military training have literally turned him into one of those Super soldiers out of the comic books. He's ruthlessly efficient and unquestionably loyal to both Cobra and Agent white that goes beyond the 'jump and how high' stereotype. Only speaks when acknowledging an order, save for a few instances. Rumors abound about this guy, from whether he's a spliced clone of Snake-eyes to if he and his C.O. have an 'animal attraction' to each other, but no one in the Cobra's motor pool dare whisper a word to anyone when the Pack is at home base. Several captured Vipers have confirmed the reason for this is that even when loaded down with 100 pounds of gear, you wouldn't know he's standing behind you until he slits your throat."

Another figure based on characters from Echoes of War. In the RPG he was a surviving Acroyear who journeyed to earth to assist the Decepticons. Originally, this figure was composed by Marasai. I merely copied his figure and took my own liberties with the paint job, giving him more of a Night-Viper feel to him.

I also took the liberty of re-arming him. With a little fiddling, I can get his submachinegun and sniper rifle to fit on the backpack.

Special thanks to Marasai for his help.

Note: I apologize for the 'gearshot' at the top. I am without a scanner suitable for my standard picture so I had to make due with this.

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