Jakks: CS13 Bret Hart Torso
Jakks: CS2 Sgt. Slaughter Head
Jakks: Legend Killer Legs
Jakks: Rey Mysterio Hands
Jakks: Mountie Hat
Whistle : hand made
Baton : Leg from Jakks Stool

I never liked the Sgt. Slaughter Jakks made for the Classic Superstars Line. To me, the definitive Sarge was always the mail-away version. Since there's no chance of Hasbro letting Jakks use the Joe logo - I made my own.

He's 6 inches tall.

I repainted the torso from Bret, painted portions of the pants, the yellow on the hat, and touched up the face and glasses. The hands were Rit Dyed (Originally Yellow), and painted the wristbands.

The Baton is a leg from a WWE "stool" accessory, shaved down and painted. The Whistle was part of a gun (no clue who's) then carved to look that way.

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