Head: Storm Shadow v23
Rest: Sgt. Flash
- Helmet/Pack/Laser Rifle: Sgt. Flash
- Scoped Rifle: Mirage v2
- Ordnance: BBI

My first posted 25A custom! I RIT dyed Flash's body then painted the pads. Storm Shadow's head is painted. I have to say, I am more reluctant than at any time in my customising history to turn 25A figures into parts fodder. Legions Stormy is the only casualty so far.

As they are drawn from the ranks of the Laser-Vipers and Techno-Vipers, X-Vipers are accustomed to complex electronics, clunky hardware and strange weapons. They are weapons scientists and no slouches; they field-test their weapons designs in the battlespace. X-Vipers forward deploy and fight with Viper combat arms units and particularly relish unleashing a new technology on an unsuspecting adversary... especially when their new gadget works...

The X-Viper shown is with a ROAR (Rail Ordinance Antimateriel Rifle) and the LASTRD (LAser Sensor-disruptor Target-designator Rifle/Dazzler), believed to have been engineered from plans stolen by Cobra TAC-Vipers.

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