Head: POTC Will Turner (Prisoner)
Torso: Big Boa
Arms: Muskrat
Waist: Mirage
Legs: Mirage
Hands: Microman
Phone: Marauder Inc
Laptop: BBI

Lance Sputnik is one of the original wrestlers in the JCW, having been a part of the federation since the beginning, and having appeared in the very first pay per view event against Destrin (where Sputnik was victorious, incidentally)

Since then he has had a very prolific career with the JCW, leading the league in endorsements and branching out into a very successful film and television career. He has grown in popularity and financial status to the point that he had to incorporate, which was done with the assistance of his majordomo, Elizabeth Swan. Team Sputnik now has several other companies under it's direct control, including Sputnik Investigations and the Sputnik Marketing Machine.

Lance Sputnik is man of diverse interests and passion, having acquired his PhD in Genetic Engineering prior his foray into wrestling, and is also a licensed private investigator. He is a favorite among wrestling fans and has been given several nicknames, including "Superstar" (which later became "Ultimate Superstar" with his joining the One Warrior Nation with Ultimate Warrior), and "Muscles". He now appears on the JCW roster as Ultimate Superstar Lance Muscles Sputnik, Phd - P.I.

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