Head: BBI Sahara Matthew McConaghey
Torso: Dr Mindbender
Upper arms: Dr Mindbender
Lower arms: ARAHC Dusty
Waist: Doc
Legs: Shipwreck/Cutter

Microphone: Wow Girls!

Excerpt from Rod's JCW profile: (with some facts taken from Wikipedia)

I was doing a small show at a favorite pub of mine in London, and after the show as I was waiting for a cab I stumbled across what appeared to be two blokes copulating in the alley way. Naturally I apologized, but one of them, whose face was painted something awful stands up, and in the most blithering gibberish I ever heard says "Hargh! You and you and YOUR PAIN will be MY pain with the submersion of the JCW with a side of PAIN! So I have spokEN!" And then the one with the funny hair rolled over and vomited on his genitals. So I thought I'd look up this "JCW", because so far, it sounded like my brand of fun! I initially came on to help out with between match entertainment, and warming up the crowd a bit, but I quickly saw an opportunity to help manage one of the JCW's premiere wrestling teams, so I jumped right up on that chance as well.

Roderick David Stewart, as me mum calls me, was born and raised in London. I describe myself as a 'Scottish rock singer'. I was a member of the The Jeff Beck Group and the Faces before embarking on a solo career.

With my career in its fifth decade, I have achieved numerous hit singles worldwide, most notably in the UK, where my tally of 62 hit singles includes 24 that went Top 10, of which six went all the way to number one.

It has been estimated that my album and single sales total more than 25 million, easily earning me a place on the list of best-selling music artists, and I am probably most widely known for my instantly identifiable husky voice. My biggest-selling song was the 1978 disco hit "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?", which no one ever really took very seriously.

In late 2006, I made my return to the rock music, with the release of "Still the Same... Great Rock Classics of Our Time", a new album featuring rock milestones from the last four decades, including a cover of Credence Clearwater Revival's "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" which was released as the first single. The album was released on October 10.

Rod Stewart has spent the majority of his time in the JCW as manager of the ABBA stable, populated primarily by non US residents, the exception being Sgt Slaughter.

This figure was the result of a strange whim I had one day in the JCW trash talking that was meant to be a one time joke that sort of grew from there. There were 2 reasons to do the arms the way I did - I wanted to practice the lower arm swap on what I considered to be a 'throw away' custom, and I thought that a farmer's tan would be funny on this character.

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