Head - Firefly
Torso - Stalker
Legs - Heavy Duty

A1011 (a.k.a. - Ajax) is a reserve member of GI Joe. Often fed leads from GI Joe intelligence and paid a bounty based on the target and whether he brings them in dead or alive. Only General Hawk, Sgt Slaughter and Lady Jaye have ever seen his face. Went through a stint of personal training with Slaughter and impressed him. He's a loner, a strong man and never says very much serious. Often jokes, but rarely is funny making people feel uncomfortable. He gets irritated easily if anyone mentions "steak sauce" regarding his alpha-numeric designation. He's rumored to have a barcode tattoo on his head as well.

Hawk's File: Proven results. Agent A1011 keeps COBRA operatives on the run single-handedly. Wherever he came from, he's definitely a loyal American Patriot.

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