Head - GTG (Tri-Gate Creations) cast
Body - Major Barrage
Arms - Major Barrage
Waist - GTG (Tri-Gate creations) cast
Upper Legs - T'jbang
Lower legs - Chap Mei
Sword - GTG (Tri-Gate creations) cast
Cannon - GTG (Tri-Gate creations) cast

Perhaps the most handsome action figure likeness ever sculpted, this unrelenting hero finds his way into any situation.
He could be a special agent for the English government, a charismatic spy and lover, equally at home foiling an international villain's schemes as he would be romancing the ladies.

He could be a Joe infantryman, a grizzled veteran of countless campaigns who's only happy when he's fighting.

He could be a time traveller from the far future, returned to save Earth from it's own destruction.

He could be a wrestling champion turned soldier of fortune, with questionable means but obvious results.

I dunno. Choose one of those. Knock yourself out.

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