Strike team leader-Overkill v5 and a custom sculpted head and for the arm I cut off the arm of a Star Wars Rebel trooper and glued it on with some sculpt clay

For the Cobra insignia I used a Cobra Imperial Procession flag.

Explosives expert-I used an Overkill head (modified).
For the hat I used a Star Wars Rebel trooper hat
A Major Bludd torso.
Tele-Viper for the legs and the waist!
And I cant remember who I used for the arms!

Heavy Gunner- a figure I found in a flea market! And the only identifying thing on him was a number 4 on his back other than that I know not who he is!

Tripwire-V4 repainted Tripwire

Weapons Expert- V2 Dr. Link Talbot Repainted

Having lost to GI Joe numerous times Cobra Command formed a team just to deal with the growing threat of the Joes. Headed by team leader Alpha, the strike team has gone through rigorous training and extensive brainwashing to make sure that none of them ever think twice of what they are doing. They have learned many ways of extracting information from the enemy as well as many torture techniques.

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