Full custom done with a Microman Material Force Figure.

-Swords are custom made.

This custom is done completely with a base Microman material force type figure.

Sculpting is done with Milliput epoxy putty and took me a long time due to my laziness and the amount of sculpting involved.
The shoulder pad is made removable and allows a lot more movement this way compared 2 sculpted on the arms.

Initially I made the left hand with the bracelet sculpted on the hand but decided to make another removable bracelet cuz I wanted to make more interchangeable hands.

The hardest part of this figure is probably the head cuz of the way the hair is designed... took me damn long to complete it...
luckily I didn't have to rework it cuz the hair is thicker and don't break easily although still fragile.

Actually I wanted to make each and every sword that appears in the game from the initial Buster Sword up till Ultima Weapon. Will try to make more swords especially Force Stealer and Ragnarok which I like the in-game design for those 2 swords ... ;)

This figure has 4 interchangeable left hands.

I also made a sword holder that can be attached to the back of the figure but only can hold the Buster sword because only that sword has holes in it ... ;)

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