Entire Figure: Visionaries Kraven Figure (Modified)
Sword: Custom

After I had made my own custom figure, my best friend told me that I should make an arch-villian to accompany my figure. While looking through some old figures, I found an old Kraven Visionaries figure. Seeing that it was much taller than a regular G.I. Joe figure, I decided to use it as a basis for my enemy.

( I had been watching a lot of the "Highlander" movies at the time and decided to make him kind of in the image of The Kurgan.)

Even though none of the spare heads that I had would fit the body, I decided to just use the original head.

This is a remake of the original figure, (the first figure was lost in the course of several moves. Even though I have gotten better at making custom figures.) I will still try to remake all of my old "Original" figures that I once used for my Diorama. Stay tuned.

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