Tarantula body: Dollar store purchase
Waist: Scarlett v1
Torso: Raptor
Right arm: Darklon
Left arm: Hydro-Viper v1
Head: DeeJay

Destro hired Dr. Mindbender to create a genetically engineered soldier. Splicing human DNA with that of several different arachnid species, Dr. Mindbender came up with Vrishika. The spider DNA allows him to climb any surface, vertical walls and even ceilings. It even can spin webs that are 100 times stronger than steel.

The only problem is that Vrishika has no verbal communication ability and only sleeps for 30 minutes a day and is always working. The other Iron Grenadiers are putoff by Vrishika because he makes them look bad, that and he's always scurrying about on the ceiling.

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