head,legs,hands- Firefly
torso,arms- Snake Eyes
bandoliers- Duke with sculpted on details
belt- Cobra officer

I think Hasbro has really been doing a great job with the 25th style of figures.

However there is always a figure that just doesn't quite get to where it needs to be to be awesome. This figure, for me, missed the mark.

First of all I felt he was way too tall. Firefly has never impressed me as a guy who was amazingly tall. So I shortened his legs by trimming a bit off of the top of his boots right above the 1st boot strap. Then I glued them back onto the figure.

Next thing that bugged me was the fact that his costume was not that close to the original figure. So I sculpted a shirt onto a Snake Eyes torso and used that for Firefly. Since the Snake eyes figure already had a ribbed shirt collar this seemed like a no brainer.

Lastly no matter what I did his web gear harness really annoyed me since it sat so far up. No matter what adjustments I made to harness he came with I could not get it to look right. I eventually realized that if I took two Duke bandoleers, adjusted them, and added some bits and pieces to them, they would work pretty well. So that is ultimately what I did.

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