Head, Cape: JvC Mindbender
Torso, Arms, Upper legs: Xamot
Lower Legs: Crimson Guard

No one knows the true origins of Dr. Mindbender, but theories abound. What is known is he was an ordinary orthodontist that came to work in Springfield. It is proposed he attempted to utilize the brainwave scanner as a pain reducing device and it overloaded. Or there was an accident that caused massive cranial injury. Or he was always just %^$^ed in the head. Regardless of the cause, Mindbender unraveled many of the late Dr. Venom's inventions and techniques, eventually delivering the BAT, a cheap and renewable solution to Cobra's infantry needs.

Just a note: the "cryopods" in the dio are from the Lost in Space movie line and the brain-wave scanner is from a Metal Gear Solid torture rack and a Battlefield Earth learning chair.

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