head-blowtorch cast
body-Shipwreck (sculpted over belt buckle)
forearms-Tomax comic pack
hands-Storm Shadow comic pack
hat-modded Spy Troops Gung Ho hat
life vest-Shipwreck comic pack

A really easy and satisfying custom to make. I didn't understand Hasbro's statement about not holding our breaths for Cutter.

For the comic pack that came out with Shipwreck and Copperhead there seemed to be the much needed accessory of a life vest that is necessary in order to make Cutter.

Something that I've been doing is waiting to see what is coming out before I set down to make a bunch of customs. Saves time, money and energy.

If I do make a custom I like to make it to the point that I most likely will not want the Hasbro version if they do decided to make one. With this figure it was such a simple use of the right parts and painting in order to make the figure.

The hardest thing to do was make the hat. I dremmeled down a Gung Ho spy troops hat, which is similar to what I did with my Hardball custom a few years ago. Then I re-sculpted parts of it to give it a rounder shape. Lastly I wanted to hat to be beat up, as alot of sports fans that I know have their home team hats that would make Indiana Jones hat look pristine. So I added some dents and rough areas to the hat.

In actuality I spent more time on the hat then the entire custom and it is one of my favorite 25th style customs that I've made so far.

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