Head: Shipwreck v2
Torso: Serpentor v1
Arms: Viper v4
Waist: Copperhead v2 (Python Copperhead)
Legs: Serpentor v1

Helmet: Toxo-Viper v1
Sword: Snake-Eyes v3
Shield: Handmade from All-Craft epoxy
Shoulder pad:Iron Grenadier v2
Cape: Dr. Mindbender v1 (sigil patch removed)

Sir Ian Von Draigh is a knight of Dragonus Ordo or The Order of the Dragon. As the twelfth descendant of the first knight of the order, Sir Ian is successor to the order's Crux Destine. Clad in the same armor worn by the order's first knight, Sir Ian defends Ghemdor and it's people.
Dragonus Ordo was started in the fifth century by Lord Esclaine to end the violence befeld by the people of Ghemdor. The order's duties consist of protecting Ghemdor's utopia from thieves, rogue bandits, murderers and invading barbarians.
Sir Ian is a direct descendant of Lord Esclaine. He is revered and respected by Ghemdor's people and the rest of the order.
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" Piety, Honor, Courage and Magnanimous. This is the code of Knights of Dragonus Ordo"

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