Head: Mega Marine Clutch
Torso: Capt. Grid Iron
Arms: Sneak Peek
Waist: Alpine
Legs: Tiger Force Outback

Gun: Marauder
Backpack: Viper pit
Pick: Alpine
Rope: Cotton thread
Pouch: Sculpted

Front Point was made during the first Custom Chat Contest, where the guys in the JC chat teamed up against each other. We were given three types of figures that had to be made: A cowboy, a Cobra diver and a mountain guy. I was teamed up with fellow JC members Grippen and Carnage717. Obviously, my contribution was the mountain guy.

I'm very happy with the way this one turned out. The parts, the colors, the accessories and the bio all makes for a believable Joe. This is the first original character I have made.

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