Head: Flash 07 (modified)
Arms:Duke 07
Chest: Duke 07
Waist: Duke 07
Thighs:Duke 07
Feet: Duke 07
Backpack - BBi
Knife - Marauder, Inc.
Rifle - Grunt 03 (modified w/Hawk 04)
Pistol - Scarlett 07
Coffee Mug - custom
Helmet - BBi
Hat- Gung Ho 07 (modified)

Code Name: INK
Birth Name: Gallaway, Mikeal J.
Military Specialty: Disbursing Auditor
Second Military Specialy: Military Police
Birth Place: El Paso, TX Rank: E-5

Growing up no one including himself thought much of INK , until in high school when he started on the varsity in two of the three available sports available at the time. It was evident to his coaches and teammates that INK was destined to be a great leader. With the ability to inspire through actions and words it seems natural that INK would join the ranks of the Armed Forces of America. INK, enlisted in the Marine Corps on 9 April 2001, upon completion of his training he was sent to IRAQ as a MP (Military Policeman) and lead his fire team through 3 battles before falling to injury. When he returned home the Command deemed it necessary to move him to a more useful place and switched his MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) to Dispursing. He now uses his actions, experience, and words to inspire those around him to go beyond what they believe possible from themselves.

Current Motto: Whom ever appeals' a law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward, Whom ever cannot take care of himself with out that law is both.. For a wounded man shall say to his assailant if I live I will kill you, If I die you are forgiven. Such is the rule of Honor!
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In March of 2008, ckyhim23 joined this board looking for someone to make a custom of her husband, a Marine soldier. Several people joined forces to make this happen. Here are the people who helped on this project:

Everything else was done by me.

A special thanks to raptor as well. He scanned the blank Canadian cardback for me, so without him, the packaging would have never been completed.

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