Head; Valor vs. Venom Neurotoxin
Arms; Joe vs. Cobra Firefly
Torso; Valor vs. Venom Night Creeper
Waist; Joe vs. Cobra Nunchuk
Upper Legs; Valor vs. Venom Scarlett
Lower Legs; Joe vs. Cobra Nunchuk
Weapons; Dragon's Weapons Lot

Voldo, the assassin of the dreaded pirate Vercci and one of the baddest jokers in Soul Edge and the Soul Caliber series! Those who have followed the games have seen Voldo continue to appear in them. I personally liked him in the first game. They sort of watered down his character for the Soul Caliber games, but he continues to rock!!! All of my friends hate me when I use him to fight them because he's so complicated to use. So much to their chagrin, I created him as part of my collection! Hope you like him.

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