Head: Episode II Mace Windu with Venomous Maximus Head Ball and Zartan v. 8 Neck Ball
Torso: Zartan v. 8 plus rubber strip from flashlight for collar and SHS Wolverine claw for closure.
Upper Arms: Spy Troops Heavy Duty
Lower Arms: Zartan v.8
Mid section: Zartan v.8
Upper legs: Spy Troops Heavy Duty
Lower legs: DTC Monkey Wrench
Chunky boots: Chap Mei policeman's soles
Holster and Sci Fi Sidearm: Two pack Mara Jade, plus pouch from Spy Troops Destro
Coat: Killuminati Arms Dealer coat

The illegitimate son of the world's most prolific arms dealer, Alexander McCullen will do anything that is necessary to gain his father's favor... or supplant him. He's even willing to deal with the criminally insane denizens of Gotham City to further his plans for wealth and power, and this brings him into direct conflict with that city's protector, The Batman.

Great GI Joe villains also make great Batman villains! Not vice versa, though, not really. I view this custom as possibly my best work, as I think he looks almost exactly like the original appearance of Alexander McCullen! I'm quite pleased with him. The photos don't really do it justice, as you can't tell that I used several different blacks to really make it "pop".

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