Head: Scarlett V9
Arms, torso and thighs: Lady Jaye V6
Feet, vest, gun, backpack
Custom helmet

I like having some females in my Cobra infantry. The modern era Vipers made it pretty easy to make a good female Viper because I could just use the vest and boots from them. I used Green Stuff to make the arm pads and some pieces of guns from another toy line for the ridges on the pants. I also made a helmet for her out of a Sterling Marlin racing helmet with the faceplate from Spytroops Shipwreck's Cobra Commander helmet (with some Green Stuff to fill in the spaces on the sides). I also made a strap out of the Scarlett's belt for the goggles to make them adjustable so they can go on the helmet or she can wear them so they're not completely worthless.

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