head: Updraft
torso: CP #101 Dragonsky
arms: Sgt. Slaughter v3
waist & legs: Roadblock (Heavy Assualt)

head: Airborne (Sky Patrol)
torso: CP #101 Dragonsky
arms: Wild Card
waist & legs: Roadblock (Heavy Assualt)

Shoulder Pads: Road Warriors (Jakks Royal Rumble Action Ring)
Helmets: Robo-JOE

Roughneck & Bruiser are a two-man security team for Cobra Commander when he makes "public" appearances

I've wanted to find some use for those Road Warrior shoulder pads and the Robo-JOE helmets ever since I got them. I thought the helmets looked like the HEAT Viper v2 helmet, which made them perfect for a Cobra. I figured these accessories would work best with a bodyguard-type character

Many pilots, drivers and certain subset figures have never found a place in my universe, except for some of their parts. Updraft and Airborne look angry, which made them good candidates for my Cobra LBCs. I had a bunch of Dragonsky figures and since the heads and shoulder pads fit on the torso, that's what I used. Looks kinda SWAT too. Now the characters were starting to come together

I liked the HAS Roadblock figure after I read Mike T's profile on him, so I thought it would be nice to use the parts here. The only problem was the "RB" on the belt buckle. I had to come up with a name that used the initials RB. Riot Brigade was the best I could come up with. I went a step further when I named the individuals by also using the letters 'R' and 'B'

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