Head- Lex Luthor cast by JFAK
Chest-- modded Roadpig
Right arm--modded Maj. Barrage
Left arm-- modded Ven Max arm with a Wildcats Voodoo hand.
Tail-- Grendel's mother modded with an Aliens tail tip.

The Yunshan Vong escaped their captivity thousands of years ago when the ship of Darth Venomous, which was carrying them in stasis chambers crashed landed on earth. They fled and soon founded a small colony in the Himalayas where they remained hidden until the later half of the 20th century.

Darth Venomous now Cobra Commander had thought them destroyed in the crash until a Cobra satellite tracked Nemesis Enforcer flying over the mountain range. CC quickly sent a Battalion of Sith trained troopers to capture or destroy the colony.

The Vong led by Golobulus defended their home with a fury which impressed CC. He offered Golobulus a choice serve me or die. Now named Cobra Vong La they serve as CC's boogie men.

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