Head - Xamot
Arms - Action Soldier
Torso - Backblast
Waist - CORPS Figure
Legs - Recondo

Backpack - Dial-Ttone
Helmet - Airbourne
Binoculars - Acc. Pack
Sub Machine Gun - Acc. Pack

Back in the 80's my cousin made a custom figure called Checkmate. He used Luke Duke's Head. Murdock's Torso and Arms. Luke Duke's Leg.

Our original story was Checkmate was a spy. Since that Checkmate is gone, I wanted to make an update. Xamot was always one of my favorite figures. I had an extra one so I decided to make him a Joe. I really liked the colors I chose for him.

Checkmate was a chess champion who got bored with the game. He joined the Army so he could move life-size Knights and Pawns.

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