Head: GvC Duke w/ Spirit v.2 ponytail
Torso: Sure Fire w/ styrene armor and Chap Mei radio
Arms: Battle Corps Wild Bill modified
Waist: Sonic Fighter Tunnel Rat with cast of Armadillo belt buckle
Thighs: Sgt. Slaughter v.3
Feet: Road Pig
Hat: VvV Wild Bill w/ Firefly phone antenna
Pistol: Recoil
Rifle: Star Wars Bossk w/ scope and barrel bits

I was a big fan of the BraveStarr cartoon. I still think he is a very cool character and I'm really surprised he hasn't been reimagined in the wave of 80's nostalgia.

I tried a couple of new things on this custom. First, I mixed in paint-on-sealer into my paint so it would adhere a little better. It worked great on the head and legs. Not as well on the arms which I ended up sanding down. Second, I melted the styrene to form fit over the chest once it was sanded down. I then etched the pattern into the styrene. I've done a little melting and a little etching but this was the first time where those techniques would make or break the custom. Lastly, I used a technique I picked up from Lance Sputnik using elmers glue for a quick cast and was able to get that Armadillo belt buckle cast directly onto the Tunnel Rat waist. XGeneve

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