Unknown Cast head
25A Jetpack Duke torso and upper arms
25A Shipwreck legs
Golden Compass coat
CAT figure hard hat
scratch made enveloped and ID badge
25A Wild Bill lower arms

NAME: Andrew Blodgett Mayfair
TITLE: Lead Chemist, EXCAL Science Division.
SPECIALTY: Industrial Chemistry
BACKGROUND: Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col.; formerly employed by the Hidalgo Trading Company, before that company's assets, and its mission, were transferred to EXCAL.

The name came about as (citing a Wiki here):
Monk got his name from his simian appearance, notably his long arms, and was covered with red hair.

Before joining EXCAL, Monk was lead chemist working as part of Doc Savage's Fab Five. When Doc's operation, including his holdings in the Hidalgo Trading Company, were transferred to EXCAL, Monk followed along with his friend and mentor. While Doc heads up the science division of EXCAL, Monk continues to be the head chemist. The hard hat has become a necessary part of his equipment, since for EXCAL, Monk is often found working on things that go "BOOM".

Weapon creation was never a huge part of Monk's background, but as he, like Doc, believe strongly in the organization's mission...and because desperate times call for desperate measures, Monk is now responsible for many key advancements in the weapons technology field.

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