Head: Grand Moff Tarkin
Body: 25th Duke, Greenstuff, Rubber (Tie)
Legs: 25th Cobra Commander
Feet: 25th Tele-Viper
Coat: Killuminati

This version of Dr. Venom was my original idea for Lance Sputnik's 2007 Custom Celebration Two-Week Challenge. At the time, I couldn't figure out how to make the Tarkin head (with the larger neck hole) fit on the 25th Duke neck post. By the time the '08 Challenge rolled around, I had become familiar with Greenstuff, and decided that would work to complete my original idea. I have since learned about the 'hot glue' method (thanks everyone!). Regardless, I decided to dust off my original idea and try to complete it for the new round. It's a very simple custom, and the most challenging part was just trying to match skin tones. I utilized another method of trying to paint the head, except for the eyes (again, thanks for the suggestions!) and even though I wasn't completely happy with the results, I feel I did an adequate job.

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