Head: SW Clone Trooper / Capt. Ace
Upper Torso: CP Cobra Commander
Lower Torso: CP Cobra Commander
Arms: CP Cobra Commander
Legs: Cobra Trooper

Belt: VvV Baroness
Rifle: Marauder
Knife: Cobra Trooper
Baret: Marauder

This figure spawned from a discussion on the boards about what parts to use to make a good Cobra General figure. I had a an extra CP Cobra Commander and did a little parts swap with the legs and The Field Marshal was born. I liked it so much, I went out and bought another CP Cobra Commander and made a second one with a different head. Add the Marauder berets and belts from the Baroness figure and I ended uo with a custom that I wish was a produced figure becuase I would buy the hell out of them.

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