Head: Cpl. Breaker
Upper Torso: Bazooka
Lower Torso: Bazooka
Arms: Major Barrage
Hands: Xamot
Legs: Bazooka

Hat: Sgt. Slaughter
Baton: Tip from Roadblock's gun
Glasses: CP Baroness

My Sgt. Slaughter figure is a direct rip off of the great custom made by "Tanstoys". His custom of the Sarge was the first one that I had seen that did not use the Roadblock/Copperhead torso. I had already planned on using the Bazooka for mine but after seeing his custom, I whipped my out pretty quickly. Hollowing out the hat was the hardest part and I did go through it in 2 spots that I had to go back and fill in with green stuff before painting.

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