Head: Star Wars Biggs Darklighter
Torso: 25th Flint
Arms: 25th Flint
Legs: 25th Flint

Web Gear: 25th Flint (modified)
Gun: 25th Duke

Footloose was one of the first 25th customs I did. He has been completed for over a year now and I just never got around to posting him to the archive due to a serious case of laziness. I was going for a close to original look for Footloose. I feel that I captured that with mods to the web gear and with the head choice. For the colors, I wanted to darken them up a little from the original figure but still keep that same type of Hasbro 2 color camo. Overall I think he came out pretty cool. I am still, to this day, looking for a helmet that fits Biggs head that I feel has a Footloose vibe to it. No luck yet.

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