Head, torso, arms, waist: VvV Bombstrike (head, torso, arms modified with Green Stuff)
Legs: 25A Gen. Hawk
Belt: VvV Baroness w/VvV Stalker belt pouch
P-90 PDW: Marauder, Inc.

Real Name: Ironhorse, Kayla
Birthplace: Flagstaff, AZ
Primary Military Specialty: Physician's Assistant
Secondary Military Specialty: Corpsman
Grade: O-3 (Lt., USN)
Branch: USN
Primary Role: Medic, Chief Medical Officer Vanguard A-squad
Preferred Weapon: P-90 PDW, Beretta M9 (modified)

Kayla Ironhorse (Kramer), aka Mother, serves as Vanguard's A-squad medic and Chief Medical Officer; she is a qualified Physician's Assistant with an intensive background in combat medicine and emergency trauma treatment, much of it gained hands-on during her early career, when she spent four years as a corpsman in a field hospital during the Third World War. In this respect she often goes above and beyond the sorts of duties one normally thinks of involving her profession.

Calm and cautious, with a powerful maternal instinct Kayla also tends to serve as a mediator and peacemaker among her teammates, a voice of reason when things get tense; her maternal instinct leads to her looking after the others like a mother hen, and that same sense extends to anyone supporting them on their missions. She also considers herself a healer first, combatant second, and tends to keep down in firefights until needed. Unlike the other members of Vanguard's A-squad, Kayla lacks any heavy Special Ops training; she is, however Airborne and Air Assault qualified, SCUBA qualified and has completed the Desert, Arctic and Jungle Survival Schools, nearly all during her time with Special Tactical Operations Command, prior to joining Vanguard.

Kayla is also Doc's wife; they married six months prior to joining Vanguard, having worked tightly together for almost five years. As a couple they are close and loving; as a team in the field they are so used to one another they can literally anticipate what the other will do and work together almost flawlessly.

Kayla, who is one-half Comanche and one-half Navajo, speaks both tongues fluently and is also fluent in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, the last learned during her service in the Third World War. 

Design Notes: Given the importance I felt for this figure, I took my time putting her together. The Bombstrike head came closest to the idea face (a very close match to a painting I've based her off); molding the hair on to match proved a bit tricky, but with a little vegetable oil to keep the Green Stuff from sticking to the body, I got excellent results and a near perfect match. I used a custom blend to give her a Native skin tone, one that worked nicely as well to contrast to the black of her hair and the dark blue of her uniform.

The Bombstrike body turned out to be ideal for her due to its versatility; other than the pack straps on the shoulders it was a blank slate to work with. A little Green Stuff applied around the collar and down the front turned it from a t-shirt into a modified nano-weave protective vest; more Green Stuff on the sleeves allowed me to simulate a uniform blouse, in place of the usual T-shirt. I poked holes into the Baroness belt front and back and attached the VvV Stalker pouch to give her a readily accessible medical bag.

The 25A Hawk legs were so skinny as to be girly, and were a perfect fit to the Bombstrike waist. However to work with the Baroness belt, I had to modify the sheath; I sliced it about halfway down and filled in the area behind it with Green Stuff, then took one of the Joe knives, cut all but a bit of the blade off, and glued it in. It worked like a charm!

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