Head: Platoon (Depp or Sheen?)
Torso: Half Torpedo/Half Snake Eyes
Upper Arms: Ninja Ku
Lower Arms: Shipwreck
Hands: CP Stormshadow
Upper legs: Cobra Commander
Lower Legs: Shipwreck

Yes, Jonny - or better make that Jon - is all grown up now. This mid-20s generation X'er is one confused dude. He's estranged from his father, and hasn't seen his friend/adopted brother Hadji for nearly 12 years now. And where is Race?

Jon has really flown under the radar for quite some time now. Since he was last known by any of the important agencies (while traveling the world with his father Dr. Quest, in his pre-teen years), he has become a computer expert, has gone through vigorous strength and conditioning programs, and has worked to hone all of his skills to better solve the mysteries surrounding the last 12 or so years of his life.

Word on the street now is that he's become an infamous computer hacker and has possibly even joined forces with the largest terror organization the world has ever seen. Could this be true? Tune in next time to find out.

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