Head: Red Star
Torso and Arms: Jet-Pack Duke
Legs: Cobra Commander
Lab Coat: Painted Golden Compass Coat (Sam Elliott figure)

Dr. Benton Quest has long been employed directly and indirectly by various government agencies to research and develop a wide array of technological and biological tools and devices. At one point, his research was deemed important enough to have assigned to him and his family a body-guard, former Adventure Team co-leader, Race Bannon.

Those days are long gone, and the old Quest Laboratories projects have all been transferred to EXCAL, where Dr. Quest is the lead scientist (working under the Directorship of Clark Savage, Jr.).

Dr. Quest at one point developed a technology that is now coveted by the world's largest organized terror organization. The files regarding that project have been stored secretly for years, and even now are hidden deep within the EXCAL database, coded in a way that only Dr. Quest himself may retrieve them.

But the question remains - how does the MEDUSA organization know about this project at all? And what about the recent security breach on the EXCAL core network? Who else might have known about this secret technology?

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