Head: Golden Compass Serafina; Baroness hair (modded)
Upper body: 25A Lady Jaye
Abdomen, Waste, and Legs: GC Serafina
Knee Joints: V v V TeleViper elbows
Belt: 25A Copperhead

Vesper in the EXCAL verse survives the tragic ending that befell her in Casino Royale, but she did at some point betray 007, such that there is great bitterness between them. Part of it stems from the fact that she did in fact fake her death to get James off of her trail, but it wasn't for the reasons he thinks. It was more because she needed a clean slate, and a new life, in order to fulfill her next mission. In this sense, her "mission" is meant to be her mission in life, not just her next assignment. And Vesper (she goes only by the single name Vesper now) believes that mission lies within the EXCAL organization's goals for preservation of the world.

Technically she is still a British Agent, simply on "loan" to EXCAL, but all parties involved understand it to be permanent arrangement. That the premier British Agent 007 holds such animosity towards her plays no small part in the willingness of M to let her go. That M also occasionally gets fed information back on EXCAL's doings certainly plays a larger role, but the information sent back is only that which the EXCAL Directors see fit to send. Since joining EXCAL, Vesper has returned to her roots as a field agent, and at her request, has been stationed in the tropics, as her primary base of operations, so that she can focus her training on her diving. When EXCAL has an assignment requiring a diver's expertise, she is the first one to be called.

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