Head: SF Zangief
Torso: Big Boa
Arms: Gnawgahyde
Wait: ??
Legs: IG Destro

Sunglasses: Wide Scope
Shotgun: Headhunter
Ninja sword (on back):Storm Shadow Legions pack
Scabbard: SW figure
Saber: POTC figure
Saber frog: Chuckles holster modified

I am SCORPIO and this is what I look like (less the bulging muscles, but then Ozzy Osborne has a figure that has a six pack and he never had a six pack, except for the kind that comes with a plastic strapping and makes you feel good). This is the zombie killer version of myself.
------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------

The day had begun like any normal day. I woke up, made some coffee, smoked the last cigarette in my pack and began to wake up. Just then, my phone rang. One of my friends, Eagle, was calling me.
"SCORP, HEY SCORPIO?" Eagle is shouting and sounds a little frazzled.
"Yeah, Eagle?" I'm still not fully awake yet.
"You up?'
"Uh, yeah. Why?"
"I'm getting Matrix and SpikeDawg and we are coming over."
Why the hell would they be coming over so early. It's got to be almost nine. It's to early to deal with this. Eagle is shouting to Dawn, his wife, "Yeah, he's up."
"Eagle, why the hell are you coming over so early?"
"Haven't you heard?"
"Heard, heard what?"
"ZOMBIES, Scorp, Zombies. They are real and are here, they are everywhere. We're coming over to arm ourselves. We need your help."
"Okay, just bring some smokes for me."
Ten minutes later Eagle, Matrix, SpikeDawg and Dawn arrive. I dressed and begin arming everyone. We grab every weapon from my apartment and leave. The plan, fight our way to the Big Red Beast (my van) and head out of town. Matrix can't stop rambling about how it's just like Resident Evil. SpikeDawg is dropping zombies with headshots from a bow and arrow (guess those days spent at the archery range paid off). My van is down the block. We load in and take off. I have a grin wider than Niagra Falls as I barrel through dozens of zombies aimlessly wondering in the street, reminds me of shoppers in a store during a sale.
"Guess your dream came true, hey Scorp?" asked Matrix. I just look at him and grin.

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