Head: BBI
Torso: 25th Beachhead
Arms and coat: Henry Jones, Sr.
Legs Upper: 25th Ninja Ku
Lower: 25th Cobra Commander
Knee Joints: 25th Beachhead

See Knighthawk for the story of the character himself. This civilian version fulfills several purposes. First, it can be a straight forward civilian alter-ego to the main hero of the EXCAL verse. Second, it can serve as an undercover operations figure. And third, I can use it for dio shots as Tristan Knight giving interviews on Fox News as a military analyst...which at least partly inspired the look.


I did an all-new head for this version, and you can see him next to v.1 in the last photo. With swappable heads, this can easily be any other random civilian figure, as well - if needed for any particular story.

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