Aliens Snap Kit Head
Shipwreck Torso
Roadblock Legs
Roadblock Upper arms (modified for tight fit at shoulder)
TF Flint Lower arms
Torch from IJ Shortround
Flashlight from Comic Pack FireFly

A big part of the EXCAL mission is to be able to retain scientific knowledge in the event of world ruin, to be able to rebuild even those things already destroyed by the war thus far, to build a better beast, so to speak, to combat evil, to research and explore new discoveries - and old, on the archaeological side. With that all in mind, here is the Director of EXCAL's Science Division, Clark Savage, Jr.


Doc's eventual involvement with EXCAL was seemingly pre-destined. It is well known that Doc was groomed, almost from birth to be an important figure in the world. His father, Dr. Clark Savage, Sr. was intent on his son growing up to be the perfect man, in a literal sense. Trained from a young age to maximize his mental and physical capabilities, Doc has, in his illustrious career, achieved feats that many might deem "super-human" for the sheer volume of his accomplishments, if for no other reason.

Doc's father was a physician and scientist. Late in his career, he had moved to New York where he was hired to work for a young but renowned "Gotham City" surgeon, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Dr. Thomas Wayne. Wayne's family business, Wayne Enterprises, was in a boom of sorts, having just procured a military contract for the development of all forms of technological and military equipment, weapons, medicines, human physical performance enhancers, and other more mysterious projects. Though Clark Sr. was nearly 25 years older than Dr. Wayne, they immediately became friends, and Doc's father wound up the lead scientist for Wayne Enterprises for many years thereafter.

It was during this early involvement with Wayne Enterprises that Clark Jr. was born into the world. From a very early age, his father inducted him into a training of sorts, hoping to extract from him every ounce of his potential, both physically and mentally. Certainly there have been rumors throughout his life, that an early form of the human growth/super soldier serum was largely responsible for Doc's trademark physical strength and prowess, but these have never become anything more than rumor, and Wayne Enterprises was never directly linked to the infamous super soldier serum investigations of the late 1990s.

In any event, Doc grew to be a physical specimen. In his prime, Doc stood an impressive 6'6" while carrying his lean and muscular 230 pound frame into action. He is not quite, but close to being ambidextrous, and could bench-press three times his own weight. Mentally, he is nothing short of a genius, as he is both a medical doctor (surgeon) and scientist. When Doc first completed his medical training, he was asked to sign on with Wayne Enterprises. Just prior to accepting a position, 2 major events happened which forever changed the course of the company, and of Doc's life. First, his father died on a mission for Wayne Enterprises to South America, in search of organic toxins intended to be used within the weapons program. Second, and shortly thereafter, Thomas Wayne and his wife were murdered, leaving Wayne Enterprises in flux, to be held in trust on behalf of Dr. Wayne's young son Bruce (who, incidentally, had also been initiated in some of the physical and mental training programs which Doc himself had gone through as a child).

Fearing the lack of leadership at the new Wayne Enterprises, and quite frankly holding a bit of a grudge against the company for the death of this father, Doc set out on his own. His career as a private scientist and adventurer is well documented, and need not be set out here. The wealth obtained via a discovery of Mayan gold was put to use in setting up Savage's Hidalgo Trading Co., located on the Hudson River, as a cover for storing many of his advanced vehicles and technological inventions. Meanwhile his science lab and offices were set up in the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. In many ways, Doc had become a competitor of Wayne Enterprises, but he did take an interest in following the career and adventures of young Bruce Wayne. When the younger Wayne set out to make his own mark on the world (his identity as the Batman was a well kept secret, but was quickly found out by Savage), Doc became fascinated. It was no surprise then, that when Bruce Wayne transferred his holdings and his mission to EXCAL, in the wake of the Cobra War, that Savage did likewise with his own assets and mission.

Since joining EXCAL, Savage has become the Director of Science, and oversees research and development of all non-military projects. He also serves as Director of the medical staff, and serves as chief surgeon when his travels permit. At least half of his time is still spent as adventurer supreme, traveling the world in search of important historical relics (to save them from destruction from war), or searching for unique items required for scientific experimentation and development.

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