25A Lady Jaye head modified
Dark Woman body and arms
POTC Liz Swan legs and skirt
25A Scarlett feet
Dark Woman boot tops.

No lengthy bio here. This gal was kind of tongue-in-cheek on the story. I was thinking cross between Bond girl and Austin Powers, lol. She is a British agent working in part for EXCAL. The articulation is limited, and I may still work on that (I have a current WIP that is a nice test for that).



It was nothing more than bad luck that kept her from being assigned the less conspicuous service number of Agent 068. Her whole career might in fact have been different had she not broke a heel on her way to receive her final papers (license to kill, etc.) from MI5, allowing her classmate (now Agent 068) to finish first, leaving her no choice but to live with the designation. Agent 69 has developed quite the reputation in the espionage community, however, and her notoriety has been put to good use in accomplishing many a mission.

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