Head: v9 Baroness
Body: Padme Amidala

This is my idea of The Ultimate Baroness. She's the super-hot super-spy searching the millionaire's mansion late at night after the dinner-party, looking for the secret files he's hiding, all the while her pistol's tucked safely in the elastic of her thigh-highs.

This custom entailed a head switch (with a ball-joint resculpt), a flat-black wash of the gown and some dry-brushing and detailing, a wash of the torso so the fleshtones matched and the nailpolish. All-in-all, not too hard - but awesomely striking nonetheless!

I love the v9 Baroness' head ... I don't care how nerdy she looks, she's smoking hot! The fingerless opera gloves, blood-red fingernails and her exposed back really complete the look.

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