Obi Wan Head (sculpted cap)
Beachhead Torso, arms and upper legs
Snake Eyes Lower legs
BnB WWE Lashley elbow pads.
MJ vest and gun (modded).

Carlos Lezcano, aka Dead Eye, has about as much military experience as any EXCAL soldier. He won't tell anybody his age, but while he still looks and performs young enough to be in his early-40s, he's actually already passed 50. He got his honorable discharge from the Navy (a former SEAL) years ago, and has experience as a S.W.A.T. sniper and soldier of fortune to add to his resume as well.

It was in that role, while employed by a force operating to restore peace in a little known central African nation that Dead Eye met, and was recruited by Panther, to join the forces of EXCAL.

Today, Dead-Eye is Panther's right hand man, and often takes the lead on tactical military operations, freeing up Panther to do his thing on a freelance basis on many missions. His steady hand and sharp eye have persisted, and continue to serve EXCAL well.

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