Helmet: Scalpel
Torso: Neo-viper (modified with Wetsuit apparatus)
Upper Arms: Dusty
Lower Arms: Scalpel
Waist: Unknown
Legs: Barrel Roll (modified with pouch on upper left leg and a knife on lower right leg).
Backpack: Heat Viper backpack (modified with different pieces to form the heli-pack, heli-blades from BTR Locust)

As one of Destro's elite, Annihilators are capable of deploying from anywhere to wherever they want to go, just with their heli-packs. Regardless what others say about the Annihilators, I think that they are awesome.

To my custom, I was trying a different but more of an updated look. In the end, he turned out better than I had planned it. The only bad part of putting this custom together was all the gluing. Man...that took forever but when it was all said and done, I am happy with the results.

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