Head: Big Brawler
Torso: Big Brawler
Arms: Muskrat
Waist: Mindbender
Legs: Strato Viper
Daggers: Marauder

Big Brawler is using his "superior intelligence-gathering and infiltration skills" as he poses as leader for Cobra's evil ninjas. Or maybe he was the actual Cobra Commander all along? In either case, you know it's going to be a brawlin' time! 

Cobra Commander/Ninja Brawler was made during the Chat Custom Challenge 2, and the objective for each group of customizers was to make a team of both Cobras and Joes with the same theme. We had the ninja theme, and Cobra Commander, along with Cesspool was my contribution.

RAH parts as usual, custom sown cape and hood, and painted Marauder daggers.

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