Head: BTR Joe w/ Headman hat
Torso: Headman
Arms: Night Vulture
Waits: Headman
Legs: Snake Eyes

I'll admit not knowing a whole lot about this character. I grew up watching Ducktails, and as far as I can remember, Darkwing Duck was a supporting character on this show. Obviously, he grew popular and eventually had a cartoon on his own.
This custom was made partly because it got requested in some of the critique threads of my other Disney Joes, but also because I wanted to make a Disney Joe in the 2008 Secret Santa.
I checked out the character and saw instantly that I could make this character into a Joe. I also saw what parts I had to use - Headman torso and hat being character-defining parts.
I had some trouble finding the right arms, but landed on Night Vulture's. They had the proper color and muscles. The thick leather gloves adds to the character's style.
The cape was made by sister.

This custom ended up being sent to my friend in the JC chat - Dosser - as a secret santa gift.

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