Head: SW Obi-Wan Kenobi
Torso: Resolute Firefly
Arms: Resolute Firefly
Legs: CP Shipwreck

Polly: Shipwreck
Rope: Storm Shadow
Rifle: Beachhead
Pistol: Shipwreck

The Devils Due version of Shipwreck has been done many times and I had wanted to do my own. So much so, that I have had a Beachhead torso and arms painted blue for about 8 months. When I saw the Firefly, which did not impress me as Firefly, I knew my job would be a lot easier. A few small paints and part swaps, a little hot glue in the head of Obi-Wan and Shipwreck was complete. I am happy with the results.

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