Head: Flint - Cobra Disguise
Torso: CP Gen. Hawk
Upper Arms: Flint
Lower Arms: Resolute Duke
Legs: Resolute Duke

Vest: DTC Barrel Roll
Belt: CP Firefly
Pistol: Marauder John
Shotgun: VvV Heavy Duty

I recently bought a Resolute Duke who happened to be missing the holster on his left leg. I was very distraught about this, but hey... he just becomes custom fodder, right?

I immediately went to work on a Resolute Flint figure. I had no idea if Flint was going to be included in the animation so I had no real basis for the figure other than I wanted to do something that had a kind of uniform look to other members of the Resolute team.

I really liked the knee and elbow pads on the Duke figure and kept them for Flint. My original plan had been to also use Dukes vest but I thought the Barrel Roll vest fit the look of Flint a little better. I know a lot of people have brought up the lack of shotgun shells, eventually I may go back and add them.

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