Head: Star Wars Bespin Guard
Torso: CP Gen. Hawk
Arms: TF Flint
Legs: PP Cobra Trooper

Vest: VvV Snake Eyes
Satchel: Indiana Jones
Scarf: Lt. Falcon
Grenades, Flashlight & Guns: Marauder John

Figuring that Hasbro would eventually get around to making a Tunnel Rat figure, and that it would be a recreation of the vintage figure, I decided that I would make mine a little differently.

I have always loved the vintage Tunnel Rat figure, but I never felt that it was properly designed for what he was supposed to be doing. The giant backpack, huge gun, bullet belt...really? While I think it looks good, it just does not scream: here is a guy who crawls through pipes and tunnels.

I tried to design a figure that I felt better fit with what I envisioned the character doing. I think it works and I proud of the end result.

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