Head: Resolute Duke
Torso: CP Breaker
Arms: CP Tomax
Upper Legs: Cobra Viper
Lower Legs: CP Cobra Commander

Vest: Resolute Cobra Trooper w/Intoyz holster
Pistol: Intoyz
Rifle: Resolute Duke

When I saw the vest on the Resolute Cobra Trooper, I immediately thought of how perfect it would be for a Mercer figure.

After sanding down the collar, one pouch, adding the holster and about 5 coats of red paint I was pleased.

While I did not go for a straight update in 25th form of the original Mercer figure, I tried to keep the important elements of the figure as well as keeping the idea of the ex-Cobra Viper side of the character.

The resolute Duke head with a little hair repaint seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

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