Body: Sigma 6 Arctic Snake Eyes
Head: Sigma 6 Timber
Accessories: Various sigma parts

Originallyl Marcus Allen was an archeologist with the British Royal academy. That all changed when on a dig in a newly discovered tomb in the Nile Delta. While examining an alter depicting a wolf headed man leading an army against an unknown foe the tomb began to be rocked by enormous explosions. The diggers began scrambling about screaming and covering their heads. When the dust began to settle a bare chested bald man with a monocle strode into the tomb. In his mind Marcus head a voice saying "Take up my spear. Protect the king." The alter top slid back revealing a black and silver spear. He hesitantly reached in, grasping the shaft. a surge of power coursed through his body.He felt strange and powerful. With a howl he ran to defeat the interlopers. No longer simply a man, but bearing the power of a God.
After the battle Marcus found himself returned to human form. He heard the voice again, "use this power, be my avatar." Closer examination of the alter revealed the name Wepwawet, God of War. Taking the name as his own, Marcus took up the mantle of protector of the past.

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