Tri Gate Santa head up-sized by JFAK and Modded by me.
Chest -- modded Roadpig
Upper Arms -- Shipwreck
Lower arms -- modded Corps figure.
Legs -- Major Barrage

You wanted us to report anything unusual we came across and this one's a doozy.

I was herding a group of survivors through the woods just outside of Pittsburgh when we were over taken by group of those fast bastards. They tore in to us pretty bad and 7 people went down in a matter of seconds. We were trying to regroup near an abandoned Christmas Tree farm when they came at us again. Only a few of the survivors had weapons and they soon wasted their ammo on panicked shots. I can tell you I thought it was all over when out of no where this loud "HO-HO-HO You Bastards" came echoing through the trees. Well those undead freaks let out a moan like I've never heard before and turned as a group toward the sound. The Ho-Ho-Ho sounded closer and all the sudden this guy dressed like (Santa ) burst out of the trees raining down gunfire like something out of the movies.

What freaks that didn't get blasted turned tail and ran like the devil himself were after them. I've never seen them react that way, usually they fight till one side or another is wiped out. This guy winks at me and says " You must have all been very good Girls and Boys this year" and turns to help up a woman lying in the snow. I hand my hands full with the injured and so I couldn't question him at that time. When I went to find him later he was gone.

Like I said weird,

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