Reign of the Serpent Overkill:
Head: SHS Colossus (top half) w/ sculpted jaw section
Torso/waist: 25th Serpentor (heavily modified)
Left arm: Serpentor (upper half) Clone trooper (lower)
Right arm: Serpentor (upper half), VvV Bat (lower)
Upper legs: VvV Overkill
Lower Legs: 25th Serpentor
Belt: VvV Overkill
Shoulder Pad: Both Rahm Kota shoulder pads
Helmet: DTC Bludd
Scarf: cut from 25th IG Destro cape, w/ velcro
Chainsaw attachment: Buzzer chainsaw w/ VvV Bat gun
Minigun attachment: Plague trooper gun w/ kibble

Personal Journal
Source: Chief Science Officer Scalpel

A malfunctioning BAT. That's how this whole fiasco started. A BAT with a bad friend-or-foe recognition unit. During routine maintenance, the damn thing identified our BAT technician, known then as Hotwire, as a hostile target. I thought it was a blessing that it had been equipped with its claw attachment at the time. Now I wish it had had its flamethrower. The thing sheered Hotwire's arm off just below the shoulder. It would have taken him apart piece by piece if the techno-vipers assisting him hadn't intervened. Cesspool and I felt bad for the young man...well, I felt bad. Cesspool saw the potential loss of a technological savant and panicked. So we outfitted him with a cybernetic limb. It was a leftover, really; we had moved on to much more advanced units, such as the ones being used by Commandant Golobulus. But it would allow him to continue maintaining and tweaking Serpentor's BAT legions, so we decided to put it to use.
We had no idea what we had started. Hotwire took an instant liking to his new arm, especially the increased strength it provided. Before long, he began tinkering with it in his spare time, adding new enhancements, and even replacing the forearm section with that of a BAT, so he could equip multiple attachments. We wrote it off as how he was coping with the loss of his natural limb. But then things started getting strange. Hotwire started having other 'accidents'. A damaged BAT he was working on had its self destruct system go off, a shelf full of spare parts collapsed on him...all things that could, alone, be written off as ill fortune, and all that required a new cybernetic replacement. And he was beginning to invent and install them himself. Soon, he wasn't trying to hide his goal with supposed accidents. He began mutilating himself, replacing limbs and even organs with his new inventions. Cesspool and I were disgusted and demanded he stop immediately, but his hobby was found amusing by Dr. Mindbender, who always has the Emperor's ear.
Mindbender began assisting Hotwire in his experiments, and forcing Cesspool and I to join in as well. I'm afraid there's very little of Hotwire left in the thing we now call Overkill. His major organs, his limbs, even his some of his bones are now cybernetic replacements. Miracles of technology all of them, but put to horrible use. The neurological implants Mindbender installed are what worry me the most. With them, Overkill can communicate with the BATs with no more than a thought. They are no longer a mindless, preprogrammed hoard. Serpentor is, of course, elated with our progress on the Overkill project. He fails to see how having a nearly indestructible killing machine that allows him to better utilize his BATs could possibly be a bad thing. But I've watched Overkill. He's evolving. He's beginning to be able to communicate with machines other than the BATs. He could turn our own equipment, our own fortresses and vehicles, against us. Serpentor refuses to see the threat, but I'm no longer waiting for Serpentor. During the latest maintenance on Overkill, I installed three killswitch programs that I can execute should he ever decide he is tired of serving us. They are well hidden and insidious, each one set to activate if either of the others is disabled. Still, given Overkill's technological expertise, I know this is only going to be a stalling measure. It won't be long before he discovers the switches, and then finds a way to disable all three at once. I pray I can come up with another contingency before then.

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------

And thank you for reading. It seems like everyone decided to do an Overkill custom at about the same time. I've always preferred the JvC/VvV version of Overkill to the original super-bat version, so I went with that design. He has two hand attachments, which I made as overblown as possible. Nothing like a killer cyborg with a chainsaw that's also a gun. The bottom half of the head is custom sculpted. I tried to get a good picture of it, but I had some trouble.

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