Main figure: SHS Colossus (heavily modified)
Arms: SHS Venom
Arm blades: Spikes from McFarlane Alien Queen
Cape: McQuarrie Vader

Excerpt from personal log
From: Chief Medical Officer Scalpel

"I suppose I can't argue with results. That thing that Serpentor and Mindbender call Nemesis Enforcer has become the single greatest destructive force in our armies. I rue the day I became involved in Project "Rey". It started out we were just experimenting on Mindbender's first miserable failure at creating Serpentor. He combined the same DNA he used for the Emperor, but he hadn't perfected the process yet. So he was left with a non-living simulacrum made of the genetic material of history's greatest conquerors. Just a pile of dead things, really. He kept it around as a sort of back-up copy, just in case. Of course, after he met with success, there was no real need. So he let us experiment on became a kind of catch-all for the projects Cesspool and I were working on. We used it to test our experimental titanium skeletal implants, the first stages of the Venom project, our sense-heightening operations, and our organic armor. We didn't think much of it until Mindbender confiscated the simulacrum from our lab. When I found out he managed to give it life....I wash my hands of the whole project. Again, I suppose I can't argue with results. The damn thing killed the great Snake Eyes, for God's sake! Still, I can't help but feel that we crossed a line we can't uncross. I fear that a being that powerful may prove too much for even the Emperor to keep on a leash."
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